Developing a Multi-Cloud Strategy: 10 Factors to Consider

032914multicloud01Some enterprise IT decision-makers believe that the days of the all-encompassing, single cloud provider soon may be coming to an end. Needing to control costs and requiring more business agility and control, enterprises are now adopting multi-cloud strategies. It is true that these environments are in their early stages and still evolving, but adoption is increasing because of the flexibility they provide. Businesses are no longer confined by vendor lock-in and are free to evaluate an abundance of network and cloud services. The standard barriers to cloud adoption—security, reliability, cost and loss of control—remain, but by deploying multi-cloud environments, companies gain more flexibility with the ability to determine what workloads to run where and more control over the services they use. This slide show, using eWEEK reporting and industry information from Internet service provider Equinix, offers important considerations to ensure successful implementation of a multi-cloud strategy. –

About Charles Stermer

Charles is the Founder, President and CEO of Stermer Consulting, Inc, a recognized expert in Operational IT Business Administration and Management across all computer services and enterprise technologies to small and medium size businesses.
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