Seagate’s new cloud, enterprise solutions to help organisations manage massive data growth

seagate-logoTo address the dramatic growth in data creation and consumption, Seagate Technology plc, a worldwide leader in storage solutions, today announced several significant product updates that support its mission to lead the world in the storing, sharing and protecting the world’s data. The company also announced today its new Cloud Systems and Solutions group (CSS), which will deliver the world’s most scalable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective Cloud service architectures and solutions. Seagate is now the first company to deliver hard drives, solid-state hybrid drives, SSDs, external storage solutions, recovery services, cloud services and fully integrated cloud systems and solutions.

Data growth today and predicted for the future is astounding. Research firm IDC estimates that the overall amount of data created, replicated, and consumed across the United States alone will hit 44 zettabytes by 20201, whereas today that number is only 4.4 zettabytes. With the massive build out of Cloud services, mobile applications, open source computing, and social networks, the world is creating and relying on data like never before and Seagate is designing the products and services to help the world manage its data pool.

Today’s announcements include:

Seagate Cloud Systems and Solutions
Seagate’s CSS product update will include offerings in four focus areas: Integrated High Performance Computing solutions, Scalable, modular components and solutions, Custom systems for OEMs and Cloud Backup/Restore, Disaster Recovery and Rapid Archive Storage solutions. Seagate will drive the industry’s ability to manage hyperscale computing demands, improve energy efficiency, and enhance everywhere availability of data.

The Seagate ClusterStor 9000 solution, available today, is a fully integrated Lustre-based scale-out solution designed for HPC and Big Data customers who need to reliably plan, deploy and sustain maximum optimal application performance. Delivering superior converged scale-out storage quality and performance efficiency, the ClusterStor 9000 solution delivers 50% higher performance than previous ClusterStor platforms. Read more here.

The new Seagate EVault Enterprise Backup and Recovery Appliance now accommodates up to 100TB of usable capacity. Seagate’s large portfolio of backup and recovery appliances have been built from the ground up to both connect and replicate to the cloud. The architectural flexibility inherent to the Seagate appliances makes them perfect for heterogeneous environments demanding up to a full petabyte of data storage and extreme computing power.

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