5 Pre-Launch Planning Tips

As we are in the pre-launch phase of our new media and publishing business:  Fresh Young Media AND our charity:  Fresh Young Minds AND produce our magazine:  Fresh Young Millionaire, we thought it was more than appropriate to start with

Starting a new business can be both exciting and daunting.  Everyone talks about ‘being their own boss’ and having ‘the lifestyle’.  It all sounds so perfect.

We have images in our minds of rushing to a ‘very important meeting’ wearing uber funky fashion as we talk on the latest, greatest gadget-computer-camera-phone.  Then suddenly we’re sat on the white sand beaches being served fruity drinks by lovely people, apparently having worked hard enough for an hour to now enjoy a vacation for a month.

Yep folks.  That IS the plan!

Sort of.

We’re in the pre-launch phase and our planning doesn’t quite involve any of the details I’ve just described.  I’ve worked lots of hours and can’t seem to find the white sand sanctuary I deserve…

Most business owners and leaders (I include FYM Group here) will honestly tell you – that starting your own business is a HUGE undertaking.  Not to be taken lightly – but also not to be shied away from.  In the start-up phase, you usually end up doing everything, all at once and learning how to do it along the way.

That’s why it’s a great idea to have a Pre-Launch Plan.  We thought we’d share some of our Top Tips to help get you started:

1. Get Organized

You are about to start making a zillion lists!  Lists of people to call, things to do, stuff to get, ideas to work on ….  A major reason some businesses fail is because they simply lose the plot and can’t manage day-day operations.  Organize all of your work into a folder of mini ‘projects’ and then have a to-do list for each project.  Things that are really urgent should be written on a master list at the front of of your folder with a date next to when they have to be completed.   Put these dates in a diary with reminders.   Have a separate notebook for ideas you have throughout the day and make sure you transfer these ideas regularly to your project lists or file for later.

2. Get Advice

It’s never to early to start getting tips from people you know and trust.  People know people who know people. Of course it’s important to choose your advisors carefully.  Pick someone you know will keep it confidential until you’re ready to go public.  Choose friends who will give you an honest opinion.  Find mentors who have experience.   Bring a pen and paper and take notes (refer to point 1 for what to do with your notes).

3. Get in the Game

Dreaming big is important.  Doodling your ideas and mind-mapping the vision can be helpful – but at some point you have to get out there and Just Do It! The best way to know if something is going to work is to get a sample to your target audience.  They’ll be really honest about what they think!

Read more at: http://www.freshyoungmillionaire.com/10-pre-launch-planning-tips/


About Charles Stermer

Charles is the Founder, President and CEO of Stermer Consulting, Inc, a recognized expert in Operational IT Business Administration and Management across all computer services and enterprise technologies to small and medium size businesses.
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